• If I ask to photograph you, it’s because I love you. I don’t want to forget this moment, and most definitely doesn’t want to forget you.
  • When I make you laugh, I might just snap a photo. If I do, your laugh is probably my favorite.
  • There will be moments when you look your worst, and I photograph you because to me you still look your best.
  • I will find beauty in the way that you tuck your hair behind your ear and how the light hits your eyes just right; I will tell you that you remind me of the sun, all consuming and lighting up my world.
  • I keep my journal with me at all times because I know I will think about you. When I do, I want to capture each moment so when it’s gone I will have a memory of the way you made my heart flutter into my eardrums.
  • If I write you love letters, I truly love  you. For, writing how I feel rather than saying it is like opening me up and viewing my core.
  • My journal is my mind just written out in complexities onto a sheet of paper, so if I let you read it, I trust you, I love you, and I need you to understand me.
  • Late at night I  will play my heart out in thought of you, and though you may not know it, you are my muse.
  • My fingers will callus with frustration because the song I’m writing for you isn’t enough, not for you.
  • Some mornings I will wake you up with the sound of music, most likely something soft, angelic, and laced in your name.
  • Photographs, music sheets, and journal pages say more about who I am than I ever will; so listen, look, and feel it all.

And lastly, I will love you with my mind, my eyes, and my body. When I love you, I will love you with every part of me


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