Have you ever had someone so close to you, that you literally don’t know what else you have to tell her in a game of truth or dare?

Have you ever had someone that when you scrolled through your pictures, out of 100 pictures there’s probably 80 of them with her?

Have you ever been so close to someone, that when something actually happens, you don’t know whether to tell her or not, because she would be so damn worried about you?

Have you ever had someone, that annoys you so much that you wish there was a mute button on her -.-

Have you ever had a best friend, that annoys you so much and makes you want to roll your eyes till it drops out?

Have you ever had someone that made you love and hate at the same time lol

I think that’s the thing between us, we’re too close until I love you-s don’t work between us anymore. I love you-s are never said, and when they are said, it’s such a rare occasion (or something is about to happen). I think that’s when you become too close with each other, like siblings. Where you annoy the life out of each other, buying them food they dislike, and sabotaging their birthday cakes, and them texting you at 3 in the middle of the night to bomb your phone with notifications when you wake up.

But I guess she’s also the one who’d send me random snapchat pictures to support me (can’t post it here tho cos her face is so damn funny), and I’d be planning my head off for a perfect birthday surprise for her (maybe not, joke, don’t get your hopes too high HAHA)

I guess that’s best friends for me.

So what is your best friend like? Is it like a “I love you” kind of best friends, or a “I love you but I’m not gonna tell you” kind of best friend like mine? Do tell me, I’d love to hear from you !

So that’s it for today, I hope if anyone is reading this, I’ve managed to put a smile on your face.



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