Every one of us has our own fears. Some are afraid of heights (count me in!), snakes, butterflies, seeing dead bodies, ghosts, there are also people whose afraid of trying, being committed, falling in love and getting hurt and a lot more but that’s normal, you should congratulate yourself because you are a certified human being! So if you are reading this and you’re planning to leave a question about what I am afraid of, I guess this is the right time to share to you something 🙂 


who would love to see ghosts by the way? Though I am living in a house where there are approximately 3 ghosts, I guess. I am not wishing to see them!! But I can feel them. I know that they are here maybe beside me and watching me as I type this blog lol but the good thing is that they’re not hurting me or my family. Some of my friends (who can see ghosts) told me that they are here to guide us and to make sure that no one will ever try to hurt us. Thanks ghosts!! Can I name you Casper? Casper the friendly ghost 🙂


sounds weird right? I know that Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year, with all the sumptuous foods, exchange gifts, Christmas lights and the voices of the children singing to some Christmas songs, we all love Christmas. But to tell you honestly, I hate Christmas trees!! Thanks to one of the episodes of Shake Rattle and Roll (a classic horror film in the Philippines) starring Nash Aguas where a Christmas tree turns into a monster at night! The moment I watched that episode, I never looked at Christmas trees the same way again. WELL PLAYED GUYS! YOU JUST RUINED MY CHILDHOOD.

I AM AFRAID OF FLYING COCKROACHES… Cockroaches who acts like their butterflies when they fly!! You can just crawl your ass out of this world bitches! YOU’RE NOT A BUTTERFLY!!!



I am afraid to disappoint myself. I am afraid to wake up one day knowing that it’s too late to reach for my dreams, to kneel down in front of someone and beg him to love me. I am afraid that I may not be able to achieve the things I want in life. I am scared that maybe someone from my past will knock on our door and tell me she misses me (for God’s sake!)

I am afraid that one day, I might stop holding on to this life and just…end…all…my…miseries…..


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