The thought of being stuck in a place where nothing stays the same scares the hell out of me. A place where no one knows what will happen next. I was not on this voyage alone well, that sounds simple enough. The river traffic I casually watch moves in exquisite detail only in my mind’s eyes. Little detail comes clear in the distance and that is just the beginning. Strange as it sounds, I do love my life. An imaginative writer could not invent it. My journey wandered off the beaten path a long time ago. 

I have become a magnet for trouble, an aficionado of living on the edge, a most dangerous place for people to hangout. All these experiences has taught me extraordinary lessons about living. Warm breezes buoyed my feelings of well-being and expectations of a limitless future.  Who I am, my very identity rests in my head. It is from that fortress, my command post, that my being takes shapes. The psychological war inside me is fought in two fronts, on the battlefield of the mind and in the depths of the heart.


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