Happy 2nd year ❤

Happy 2nd year Besfrun!! ❤

Hey bitch, happy 2nd yr satin. Alam ko namang hindi ka kikiligin kahit mag-emote pa ko dito but who cares? It’s the thought that counts.

It’s been 2 years of friendship yet it feels like we already knew each other for a very long time. Maybe destiny? Eew NO 😂 Remember the day I sat beside you and you noticed my Xiumin pin? That’s the first time we had a conversation, a conversation I will never get tired of having with you over and over again. We were classmates back then and I’ve been noticing the ‘tahimik’ girl sitting in front of the class. I tried to talk to you but for the first time of my entire life nakaramdam ako ng hiya. You and your One piece themed pamaypay. Madalas kang late nun sa class pero idc kasi busy ako sa pagiging grade conscious HAHA. Then our prof asked us to do an extemporaneous speech, I remember you told him na may stage fright ka kaya when it’s your turn na, kabado ka. Ramdam na ramdam ng buong klase yung kaba mo samantalang ako, lumipat ng upuan para lang marinig ka. Napansin ko na yung takot mo sa harap kaya nasabi ko sa sarili ko “Magsasalita lang. Ano kayang nakakatakot dun?”. That same moment gusto na kitang hatakin para tumabi at ako na lang sasalo sa sasabihin mo kaso bawal 😥 that’s the start of everything. The start of a one of a kind friendship.

I never had a doubt to trust you with my personal story. You know every twists and turns of my crappy life and yet you still choose to stay with me, to support me all the way through. I don’t know what have I done in my life to be so blessed like this. We may not have everything in this crazy world but at least we have each other. Habang ikaw mahiyain, ako naman yung sobrang kapal ng mukha HAHA. Kaya tayo perfect e ❤ basta palaging bukas ang pinto ng bahay namin for you

Just so you know, I will never get tired of supporting you (pero hindi sa lahat ng bagay at alam ko na alam mo ang tinutukoy ko). Thank you for being such a good bestfriend for these past 2 years. Kahit na medyo di ka supportive sa love interest ko dati pero keri lang haha. Thanks for you never-ending sermon about how I should know my worth and that I don’t deserve him.

I know iniisip mo na you’re not a girlfriend material for any guy but you’re wrong. You’re totally perfect the way you are. Maybe it’s my turn naman to say this to you “You just have to know your worth” ☺


PS: Photoshoot tayo next sem. We need more photos together 😍



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