I Saw What You Did There, Alden Richards!

It’s a complicated world. People have a hard time finding each other and when they do, they’re scared to take the risk.


This is awkward.

I mean, I don’t even think this is appropriate. But I got here, so let’s just see how this goes.

From a guy to another, Alden, let me just start off with this: I know how you operate. In some way or another, all men are practically the same. We guard our feelings well. We use ambivalence and show disinterest even though we really like our girl. This is our defense mechanism. Back in our minds we know we must have a fall back position in the unfortunate eventuality that it does not work out too well. And the way we do that is to make it appear that we were not really that interested in the first place. Yeah, let’s be honest, even for just this once.

Some girls might find this a little bit sexist- I apologize and please understand that this is not my…

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