Landfill or Land-“Phil”



How many times Philippines have become a trash bin of some countries?

This March 2015, it was discovered that new 48 container vans from Canada were dumped in Philippine landfills and it was there since February 2015. This is against RA 6969 also known as “Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Wastes Control Act of 1990”

In any urban or suburb places here in Manila, no not just Manila but all over the Philippines, garbage is one of the problems Filipinos are facing every day. Some of us are aware where to throw our trashes but some don’t.

If you’re going to put a surveillance camera outside your house, probably you’re going to see your neighbor dumping his or her trash on your lawn or just outside your door. Well what can you say about that?

It hurts right? Our own neighbor did that to us. But how about knowing…

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