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Late Night Thoughts by Soleil

My moonlit eyes met yours, not disappointed, merely glowing, and in the dazzling luminescence you saw new dreams, womanly ones. I wanted you, I do, in the same forbidden, dangerous, glorious way that you wanted me.

Forbidden. Dangerous. Glorious.Β Impossible.Your mind screamed the silent warning. But the strident sound went unheard, drowned by the powerful music of your heart.

I will give you snow.Β Someday I will give you all your dreams. It was a foolish promise, a future that could never be. But I wasn’t focused on some faraway dream of snow. I was looking at you, and I was telling you with my eyes, my heart, my very soul, that you were all that I would ever want or need.

You wanted me so desperately, and yet a different kind of despair warned you to leave me alone. But you were not heeding warnings on this moonlit night. With wonder, with reverence, you wove your long fingers into fragrant silk of my cinnamon hair and framed with your tender reverent hands the loveliness of my face.

Then you kissed me. You had to. I felt your lips tremble, joyous and yielding, and tasted first the sweetness of cider…and the magnificent sweetness of you.

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