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meursault investigationThe Meursault Investigationby Kamel Daoud

“The concept of this book hooked me right from the start – Kamel Daoud has rewritten The Stranger, Camus’ classic existentialist novel set in Algeria, from the perspective of the Arab victims. I’m just a few pages in, and already, Daoud lyrically delivers the critiques of colonialist literature that I’ve read in literary criticism, but have never before found in fiction. One of my favorite things in the universe is when someone takes an old story and re-writes it to incorporate a larger, more diverse context, and to correct the naive misconceptions or deliberate falsehoods of the original text. Daoud also blends Camus’ spare existentialist storytelling with folktale-style lyricism influenced by the rhythms of Arabic folktales to create a unique voice and a mocking homage to Camus’ original text. Squee!” You can find copies of The Meursault Investigation on our shelves and

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