The Fill-In Boyfriend: A YA Novel That Brings Back Memories

The Misfortune Of Knowing

The Fill In Boyfriend with First Line of Novel

Who among us hasnโ€™t had a fake Significant Other at some point in our lives?

Or at least thought about it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

My freshman year of college, I told two friends about an unwanted, frustratingly persistent suitor of mine, and they each offered to help.

The first oneโ€”letโ€™s call him Marshallโ€”said, โ€œI can pretend to be your brother and tell him to leave you the hell alone.โ€

The second, named Elliot, replied, โ€œHer brother? You two look nothing alike.โ€

โ€œWell, adopted or step-brother,โ€ Marshall clarified.

Elliot laughed. โ€œIt makes more sense to pretend to be her boyfriend. Iโ€™ll do it. Then that guy will get the picture.โ€

I thanked them for their suggestions, but took care of Mr. Suitor in my own way, which basically involved avoiding him until I actually had a boyfriend a few months later.

That guy, the real boyfriend, turned out to be Marshallโ€”orโ€ฆ

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