Sarah H’s Summer Reads!


unnamedSarah H. is a badass bookseller who takes Texas book slingin’ to a whole new level. She currently helms BookPeople’s non-stop, party-all-the-time Internet Orders department. When not at work, she can be found researching Austin’s deep, dark literary underbelly. Look for her in the Sci Fi section and just about anywhere high caliber, boundary-defying, genre-bending lit resides. 

Uprootedby Naomi Novik

It seems like everyone is fawning all over this book right now. And with good reason. It’s wonderful! It’s both fairytale and folklore, with a darkness about it that doesn’t ever quite lift.

The forest around Agnieszka’s town is anything but a normal forest. A mystery has resided there for as long as anyone can remember. But a wizard, whom they call The Dragon, keeps the darkness of the forest at bay as best he can. He is the lord of the valley towns and as such he is paid…

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