Reviews of movies I’ve seen recently


Movies I’ve seen recently…

I am a big movie fan and am a regular cinema goer.

I thought I would review the last couple films I’ve watched recently and also mention the upcoming ones I’ looking forward to.

spy 1

Spy,  with Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, Jason Stratham and British comedienne Miranda Hart. My friend came with me to watch this and we laughed the whole way through! Melissa was on fire and I loved her! Jason Stratham stole the show for me though. He was so unbelievably hilarious. He had seriously some of the best lines. One of the memorable ones is when Melissa’s character asks him how he got the suit. He says I effing made it didn’t I?” I burst out laughing he was so funny! I also loved Rose Byrne in the film as I thought she was amazing as the villain who you actually kind of like…

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